Riviera’s Filming Locations – Season One

A paradise in the Mediterranean which has long captured the attention of celebrities and the super rich. Dubbed a ‘millionaires playground’, The French Riviera exudes opulence and luxury few can resist. Here at ONE Authentic Properties, we pride ourselves in having a truly exclusive and luxurious property portfolio, located right in the most privileged parts on the French Riviera.
With its stunning natural views, casinos, Michelin Star dining and private events, it is easy to see why the French Riviera is one of the most coveted places in the world. The allure and exclusivity of the lifestyle has been portrayed in various movies and series over they decades.

The latest series to do this is Sky Atlantic’s original ‘Riviera’ – a gripping thriller with murder, conspiracy, art and luxury. Yet, the real star of the show is in the title itself – the fabled location across the South of France. The series gives viewers a taste of the most famous properties and locations in the region. Riviera was filmed on location, and thanks to a very generous budget, the show makes for truly stunning entertainment.

The Murder

We are introduced to our series protagonist, Georgina Clios, an art collector who is bidding at an auction to purchase the missing link in the Clios art collection. While Christos and Irina are at the Clios Bank presentation , Constantine is at a party admiring the very valuable painting of Argos and Io on a superyacht, before an explosion kills everyone on board. The superyacht is actually a property of Douglas Barrowman, a Scottish billionaire who is part of the scene, playing the role of Tycov, a Russian oligarch who has made his fortune in heavy machinery. The yacht, named Turquoise, features a top-deck Jacuzzi, silk carpets and and an open-air cinema. Art and the fraud and corruption of the art world are made a focus of the series from the opening scene, and art becomes a central theme for the entire series.

(Image courtesy of Atlas of Wonders: https://www.atlasofwonders.com/2017/06/riviera-filming-locations.html#:~:text=A%20key%20location%20in%20Riviera,Tropez%2C%20Cannes%2C%20and%20Monaco)

Clios family home

Properties in the French Riviera emphasis the elegance and luxury of the region and this is made apparent both in real life and on the show. One of the central locations for Riviera is Villa Carmella, home to the Clios family. Many of the scenes in the series are filmed in the villa, such as the attempted murder of the younger brother of the family or the scene where the police seized art is restored to the Clios home. In reality, the villa is in fact Chateau Diter in Mougins, and was designed as a renaissance-style palace. The property includes its own vineyard, two helipads and three swimming pools. The breathtaking property is situated in the countryside of Provence, in close proximity to Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monaco.

Residence Eiffel

Later in the series, Georgina discovers that her marriage to Constantine was not all it seemed, as he was keeping explosive secrets from her. She finds a secret apartment in which she unearths a gun. When confronting the sons, she realises her lifestyle has been a lie and comes at a high cost. This scene is filmed in the building of Residence Eiffel, located in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a seaside village with excellent marina qualities.


(Image courtesy of Sky- https://www.atlasofwonders.com/2017/06/riviera-filming-locations.html#:~:text=A%20key%20location%20in%20Riviera,Tropez%2C%20Cannes%2C%20and%20Monaco  )

The beautiful streets of Nice feature quite heavily in the series. Its winding roads and rustic surroundings bring a more urban scenery to the series. In episode 8, Georgina meets Nadia at Massena square in Nice. Nadia wants to discuss  ‘Elena’ file despite under the threat of death by Nikolai, a hitman, whilst Georgina wants to learn the truth of her late hubands’ life. The scene ends with Nadia being shot in the middle of the square. In actuality, Massena square is the main square of the city of Nice which each year holds the carnival procession as well as the Bastille parade.


Villefranche-sur-Mer is located in South-West of the principality of Monaco. With a few places of interest, such as the Eglise Saint Michel and the Chapelle St Pierre. It is most famous for its ports, where in more recent years it is used by cruise ships and yachts. The port of VilleFranch-sur-Mer is the setting for the last scenes of episode 10, which leads up to the murder of Adam by Georgina on a sailing boat. The spectacular views, elegant settings and gripping end to the first season make Riviera one of the best series shot in the region.

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